Monday, April 09, 2012

Lean Manufacturing at Chrysler - Fiat

The Detroit Free Press has a new article out about Chrysler's successful adoption of Fiat's particular brand of lean manufacturing.  This methodology is described as "Fiat's World Class Manufacturing system that is designed to improve quality, safety, and productivity largely by eliminating waste and bottlenecks while boosting employee involvement."   The article explains that this is Fiat's interpretation of the Toyota Production System.  On the surface, this appears to be exactly the right approach to adopting lean / continuous improvement into an organization.  Executives must ask themselves what operational excellence should look like in their organization, and then develop their own "system" for operational excellence.  I believe the system should always include the two principles most closely associated with Toyota's system, "Continuous Improvement" and "Respect for People."  To read the article, visit:

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