Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lean Healthcare and Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training Online

We have just formally announced the release of 2 online training programs, Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt and Lean Healthcare.  The Yellow Belt program is intended for those who want to gain an overall insight to the techniques of Lean Six Sigma.  It includes an overview of the major tools and principles in the DMAIC framework.  The Lean Healthcare Certificate program thoroughly covers concepts such as Value Stream Mapping, Team Facilitation, Kaizen Events, A3 Problem Solving, Mistake Proofing, and Flow and Pull techniques.

Following is the link to today's press release:


Suresh said...

Can Value Stream Mapping be used for suppliers? If yes, what kind of tools can be used-roughly?

Suresh said...

Can Value Stream Mapping be used as part of supplier Improvement activities?

Darren Dolcemascolo said...

Yes. It is actually quite similar to value stream mapping a single site. Each process box typically represents a facility and includes lead-time, total value creating time, etc. In addition to looking at lead time versus value creating time, you would look at things like transportation time between facilities. My book (Improving the Extended Value Stream) includes examples.