Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Implementing Lean in 2010

EMS Consulting Group's December newsletter is out. This month we're talking about Implementing Lean in 2010. As a person who believes lean thinking is superior to the traditional approach to operations, I believe anytime is a good time to begin a lean transformation. Given the state of the economy, 2010 might be a particularly good time to begin. In our latest newsletter, we talk about the state of the economy and why lean transformation makes sense now. To check it out, visit: http://www.emsstrategies.com/newsletter120109.htm

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Kathuman said...

At the company I work we have started the intersting but unexpectedly painful way of lean transformation. The company I work, a multinational well-known beverage manufacturer has implemented several lean techniques under an innitiative called Operational Excellence. However, from my as yet limited experience in such a change, I can mention
1.- If you decide to go the Lean way, you will have to go the complete way. Implementing only certian of the methodologies and techniques will only lead to frustration. The company must immerse itself in the lean culture and way of looking at issues and their resolution,

2.- The top management have to be convinced of what the company is udertaking. This is specially true since, as stated by one of the 14 toyota principles, it is sometimes necessary to subyugate short term gains for the longer term good.

3.- Document everything, to foster organizational learning and expedite the learning curves of the new generations which inevitably will have to be included as older generations have to be let go as they cannot internalize the big cultural change implied by the lean techniques.